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Our Story

Hello! We're Loïc and Yee, the faces behind Satiate Artisan,

and we are thrilled to share our culinary adventure with you.


Originally from France, Loïc's

taste buds were awakened by the delicious food served in his family's restaurant. With a taste for good food, he started his training in France before making his way to England.​

After several years working in London, Loïc joined an internationally renowned culinary school where he taught French cuisine and patisserie to thousands of students, giving demonstrations all around the globe, on cruise ships, international events and on television. ​

He later became the Academic Director of the school's flagship campus in London.


Seventeen years later, the longing for the countryside and  a return to his cooking roots grew strong.



Being Chinese, food has always been of great importance to Yee.  


Having grown up in her family's bustling Chinese

take-away and mastering fiery woks in between doing her homework during her childhood, making and eating good food has been and, continues to be, Yee’s greatest passion. 


Satiate Artisan was born in 2020, with the objective of marrying the unique teaching methodology that Loïc has honed as Academic Director, with our passion for simple yet delicious food, made from local and seasonal ingredients.​

Satiate Artisan is the perfect place to indulge in amazing food and sharpen your kitchen skills under Loïc's guidance.


Our philosophy is to show our guests how to make simple yet delicious food and teach them cooking & baking techniques.  


If food was a language, then techniques would definitely be the grammar, so come to Satiate Artisan and let us show you how to speak it fluently.

Satiate Artisan champions simple, delicious food presented in a friendly and professional setting, that will leave you

perfectly satisfied yet wanting more.​

 Whether you are looking to learn basic skills or take your cooking to the next level, we would love to welcome you to

one of our workshops or tasting demonstrations then a bespoke workshop tailored to your special occasion or culinary aspirations where you and your guests can dine at the Chef's table.

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